Chronicle Trailer: Found Footage Film Genre Tackles Superheroes

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The trailer for 20th Century Fox’s film Chronicle has debuted online. Found footage films sometimes work (Paranormal Activity) and sometimes don’t (too many to mention). So, it is with great anticipation actually that we present the trailer for Chronicle in that it looks like this film could cook.

Chronicle hits theaters February 3 and follows three high school teens that awake to the unthinkable: They have superpowers. As is famously said, with great power comes great responsibility. In that vein, the three must learn to develop and, most importantly, control their powers.

The vision of the picture is top notch, so let’s put Chronicle on the list of films of early 2012 that Movie Fanatic is getting excited about.

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Hey Matt, What did Jung say about glow sticks?

Andrew Detmer

Yes, it was the black guy this time...

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