Mickey Rourke Talks Comeback, Sin City and Sin City 2

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Mickey Rourke sat down with Movie Fanatic this past weekend to discuss his role in The Immortals, his comeback and the role that Sin City played in that effort. Rourke also lets us in on the latest with Sin City 2 and whether we will see his character of Marv return in the sequel that Robert Rodriguez said has been green lit.

Mickey Rourke in Sin City

Rourke was incredibly candid in our chat and it truly takes our readers inside the mindset of what it was like to be out of work all those years and how he feels it was Sin City that truly put him back on the map. Don’t miss the rest of our Mickey Rourke interview on The Immortals next week and don't miss The Immortals trailer.

Movie Fanatic: How do you think Sin City played in your comeback?

Mickey Rourke: I remember going back to Cannes with Rodriguez for Sin City. And I was sitting in the car and I thought, “Oh my God, I’m getting a chance again.” Because all the years go by and it’s thirteen years, or however many years it was, and you’re living in a room and no one’s ringing the phone. After like seven years go by I think, “Yeah, I really (expletive) up.” Then ten years go by and it’s like, “They’re not gonna let me back in the door again.” Especially because I was out here (in LA) and this is the worst place to be when they grind you into the ground. They can’t wait to do it. And I helped them do it. I really thought I could turn it around in a year or two and they’d let me back in. But, it just didn’t happen and so I thought it’s too shameful and degrading to feel like this. I was really close to going back to Miami and doin’ I don’t know what. I wasn’t gonna sit around and be yesterday’s news. That’s just too hard. I remember buying a pack of cigarettes. I was in the line and it was like two in the morning. Some (expletive), some fat guy goes, “Hey didn’t you used to be…?” [Laughs] Oh, God. And he mentioned the wrong name [laughs]! I remember walking two blocks going, “Oh (expletive)!” I’m very grateful that period is over. And I’m very capable of having that happen again so I’ve gotta watch myself on a daily basis, you know?

Movie Fanatic: Do you feel your re-star-making turn in Sin City was a form of redemption?

Mickey Rourke: I don’t look at it like that. I don’t believe there is any. Man, I could (expletive) up tomorrow easily, in the next ten minutes. I could be right back where I was. So it’s like a guy who gets out of jail. You’ve got to behave. I had to change. There’s a big part of myself that’s never gonna change -- certain things. But I did have to change. I realized that I had to be accountable. Before there were no rules with me and I wasn’t accountable. I didn’t care what the consequences are and now I do. There’s a part of me, when I work with this doctor, I’m trying to put all these pieces together. He calls that change. Change for me was really hard because I had built myself up to be a certain kind of man my whole life, as men are where I come from. I thought I got to handle things different that’s gonna make me feel like a real (expletive). For me it was hard to turn the other cheek -- even though it’s a stronger choice. It was very hard to make the change, but I had to in order to survive. Otherwise they would have won.

Movie Fanatic: Frank Miller just said that the character you played in Sin City will be in Sin City 2. Will you be back in Sin City 2?

Mickey Rourke: Depends. Depends how bad they want me. Ya’ feel me [laughs]?

Movie Fanatic: Did you like that character of Marv?

Mickey Rourke: Yeah I did. But, I’m claustrophobic. So the three hours of makeup -- because you have to keep it on for thirteen-fourteen hours a day -- it’s latex and glue and that stuff that gets my eyes all red. It’s a nightmare. And the chair, you’ve got the teeth in. [Laughs] I remember I picked up some chick at a bar in Texas and I invited her to the set to have lunch at the lunch break. I couldn’t take the makeup off. I never saw her again [laughs].

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