Paranormal Activity 3 Exclusive: Creator Oren Peli Previews The Fear

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Paranormal Activity 3 is about to scare audiences anew by going back to the beginning to discover how the lives of its characters went from the normal to the Paranormal. Paranormal Activity writer and director Oren Peli took a few moments prior to a fan screening in Hollywood last night to talk exclusively to Movie Fanatic about the next chapter in what is shaping up to be a new horror series classic.

Paranormal Activity 3 Sisters

Peli wrote and directed the first one, then handed the directing reins over to Tod Williams for the second and now Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman for the third. He is still the creative master behind the franchise and judging by the pandemonium outside the theater and the buzz that has generated virally as it did for the first film, it looks like Paranormal 3 will not be the end of a trilogy, but the continuation of a whole series.

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Movie Fanatic: We spoke after the first one came out, could you have ever imaged you’d be here today premiering a third film with thousands of people waiting to get a glimpse of your movie?

Oren Peli: This is almost surreal. When I made the first one, I couldn’t have dreamt about even having the first one released. I never thought there would be a second one. Then the second one came out and the fans responded really well to it and now we’re doing a third one and we’re getting good reviews and good buzz, it’s really amazing. It’s all thanks to the fans that come back year after year.

Movie Fanatic: This scene tonight really embodies that fan support. The line here at the Arclight Hollywood is around the block twice! What do you want to tell the fans of your franchise?

Oren Peli: We are so grateful to them. The first movie wouldn’t have even been what it was without their overwhelming support. Without them on the first movie, we would not have even gotten wide distribution by the studio. It’s really the fans’ movie. They told their friends about it, then Paramount got behind it and the rest is history.

Movie Fanatic: What made you want to go back to the beginning for Paranormal Activity 3?

Oren Peli: We thought it would be really fun to have the movie take place in the 1980s -- especially a cinema verite movie. It’s our homage to Poltergeist. It’s also the decade of decadence that we all grew up in. We thought there was something disarming about going back to that period for this movie. I also thought it would be a perfect opportunity to have very, very terrifying scares if we went back and visited the childhood of Katie and Kristie, where it all began.

Movie Fanatic: Any chance we will see more Paranormal Activity movies?

Oren Peli: As long as we have the fans with us, we’ll keep making more Paranormal Activity.

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