Paranormal Activity 3 Quotes: What Do You Think It Is?

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Paranormal Activity 3 broke box office records this past weekend. In honor of that feat, we’ve gathered some memorable Paranormal Activity 3 quotes for you to further fan that fire of fandom for Paranormal Activity.

Katie and Kristi in Paranormal Activity 3

Katie: Did you hear that? | permalink

Young Katie and Randy (together): Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary. | permalink

Dennis: Something’s going on.
Julie: What do you think it is? | permalink

Dennis: It’s a real life poltergeist. Kristi’s like Carol Anne. | permalink

Julie: Who’s Toby?
Young Kristi: He’s my friend.
Julie: I don’t see him.
Young Kristi: He’s standing right next to you. | permalink

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Paranormal Activity 3 Quotes

Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary.

Young Katie and Randy (together)

Did you hear that?


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