Rum Diary Exclusive: Giovanni Ribisi Channels His Inner Gonzo

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Giovanni Ribisi had the difficult task in The Rum Diary of taking his voice to an entirely new place to capture his inner Gonzo journalist. No, he is not playing the “Hunter S. Thompson” part. That honor still goes to star Johnny Depp. But, Ribisi’s Moburg is clearly an inspiration to Depp’s Paul Kemp (the onscreen alter ego for Thompson) to become the writer Thompson would become.

Ribisi sat with Movie Fanatic for an exclusive video interview to dish all things The Rum Diary.

When Kemp lands in Puerto Rico after taking a job at a daily San Juan newspaper, he moves in with Moburg and Michael Rispoli’s Sala. It is through Ribisi that the audience truly sees where Thompson becomes the writer he eventually matures into. The Rum Diary stars Depp and Amber Heard, along with Aaron Eckhart in a role that is sure to surprise.

Ribisi tells us exclusively how he found the voice for his character and the delight that was working with Depp on the film (and don't miss The Rum Diary trailer!).

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