The Adventures of Tintin: First Clip Sets Adventure in Motion

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The Adventures of Tintin comes from producer Peter Jackson and is directed by Steven Spielberg. Talk about a fantastic film pedigree! Now Paramount has released the first clip from the film showing our hero starting to figure out a puzzle central to the story.

The 3D motion capture film (don't miss the Tintin trailer) takes what was accomplished on films such as The Polar Express and turns up the volume just a tad. With Spielberg and Jackson behind the magic, it is sure to be off the charts.

The film arrives December 23 and follows UK actor Jamie Bell as Tintin, a young journalist who believes he is on to the story of a lifetime. Daniel Craig is the notorious Red Rackham, who may or may not be the evil force behind Tintin’s first real adventure.

The Adventures of Tintin also stars buddies Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as well as our favorite motion capture actor, Andy Serkis of Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

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