The Poet in Exile: Jim Morrison to Live Again Onscreen!

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Jim Morrison is no stranger to living on the big screen and now that Ray Manzarek’s The Poet in Exile has been optioned, Morrison is heading there once again. Tim Sullivan has been tapped to adapt and direct The Doors' keyboardist’s novel for a movie.

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Manzarek’s bestselling book explores the idea that Morrison faked his death in Paris in 1971 and has been living in a world of his own rules ever since. The book details what happens 40 years after the supposed death by overdose in Paris, when Morrison calls Manzarek from his Seychelles Islands hideaway to renew their rock and roll journey.

Morrison’s persona was impeccably caught by Val Kilmer and Oliver Stone when the filmmaker brought the Morrison story to life in The Doors. Another great Doors film was the Johnny Depp-narrated documentary When You’re Strange.

The Poet in Exile is the first Doors-based film to be created by one of the original band members.
“The number one question I get asked is, ‘Do you think Jim Morrison’s really dead?' All I can say is, I personally have not seen or heard from Jim since he left for Paris 40 years ago,” Manzarek said. “And I miss that guy. He was a poet -- a Dionysus to my Apollo, a great performer, a shaman and a damn good friend. The real Jim, the human Jim, always gets overshadowed by the Morrison myths and legends. But that’s the Jim I captured with the book and, along with Tim Sullivan, seek to capture with the film.”

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