The Rum Diary Clip: Johnny Depp Finds a Mermaid?

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The Rum Diary arrives October 28 (and stay tuned for our exclusive interviews with the cast next week!) and FilmDistrict has released a new clip featuring Johnny Depp as Paul Kemp when he stumbles on what he thinks might be a mermaid. And no, this is not Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides where Depp truly meets mermaids. This mermaid in Rum Diary is really starlet Amber Heard.

The Rum Diary is based on the book by Hunter S. Thompson and is Depp’s second time heading into the writer’s wacky world. Where the lead in Terry Gilliam’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was Thompson in full Gonzo mode, The Rum Diary is an origins story of sorts. Thompson was finding his voice while he was serving as a reporter for a San Juan, Puerto Rico daily newspaper.

It was Depp who urged Thompson to release The Rum Diary. It was the author’s first written book, but the last of his to be released. Depp told Movie Fanatic last week that he found the manuscript under Thompson's bed. He read it and thought it was brilliant and wondered why it was never released. Thompson told him that he would agree to release the book if Depp would promise to make it into a movie.

Promise kept.

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