Texas Killing Fields Exclusive: Screenwriter Video Interview

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When Don Ferrarone sat down to write Texas Killing Fields (see trailer), he had almost thirty years as a law enforcement agent to bring to the table.

Toss in the decade-plus he has served as a consultant to movies such as Heat, National Treasure and The Taking of Pelham 123 and the man was ready to put pen to paper, particularly when it concerned a story that was close to his heart.

Texas Killing Fields stars Sam Worthington, Jessica Chastain and Jeffrey Dean Morgan and is based on true events that Ferrarone came across while still working in law enforcement. It is clear that the story still haunts him.

Ferrarone was working in Texas City, Texas to aide the area’s law enforcement team in trafficking issues and it was there that he discovered the story of Texas Killing Fields. Since 1969, over 50 bodies had been found in a desolate area that came to be known by the film’s moniker. The future screenwriter would get close to the two detectives handling the case and what he saw and discovered is on every page of Texas Killing Fields.

Ferrarone has come a long way since his 28 years working as a Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent stationed in New York City, Marseille, France, Hong Kong, Bolivia and Houston. His upcoming projects include Hell’s Angel, Mafia Cops and the well reviewed Homeland.

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