Arthur Christmas Quotes: A Child's Been Missed!

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Arthur Christmas stormed into theaters last week and the animation team that produced Wallace and Gromit has achieved another animated gem. The unique take on the Santa Claus legend features heartwarming scenes, comic moments galore, action and suspense. Oh, and yes, plenty of wonderful quotes to keep you warm this holiday season.

Hugh Laurie and James McAvoy in Arthur Christmas

Santa Claus sets out on an impeccably designed military-type mission each Christmas Eve and delivers billions of presents in one evening. In Arthur Christmas, Steve Claus heads the operation from the North Pole while his father journeys the Earth delivering good tidings to children everywhere. Arthur is Steve’s younger brother and in the film represents the unclouded joy that is reflected in every child’s dream of the perfect Christmas. Also along for the Arthur Christmas ride is Grand Santa, Santa’s father, and Bryony -- the most enthusiastic gift wrapper in all of the North Pole.

Sit back, pour a glass of eggnog and enjoy our Arthur Christmas quotes.

Steve Claus: Operation Santa Claus is coming to town! | permalink

Elf at North Pole Command Center: Waker! We have a waker! And Santa's in there! | permalink

Arthur: [Yelling] A child's been missed! | permalink

Arthur: I just want it to be perfect for every kid! | permalink

Arthur: There's no time for a bow!
Bryony: There's always time for a bow! | permalink

Grand Santa: What happened to going down the chimney? | permalink

Bryony: No one gets an unwrapped present on my watch! | permalink

Grand Santa: Arthur, there is a way.
Arthur: It's impossible.
Grand Santa: They used to say it was impossible to teach women to read. | permalink

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Arthur Christmas Quotes

Arthur: There's no time for a bow!
Bryony: There's always time for a bow!

Waker! We have a waker! And Santa's in there!

Elf at North Pole Command Center

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