DVD Release: Crazy Stupid Love and Cars 2 Debut

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Crazy, Stupid, Love is the film that proved that romantic comedies can still work. The movie is arriving on home video this week. Also joining the Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell heartfelt comedy is Pixar’s Cars 2, the Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon-starring Water for Elephants, and the only recently left the theaters Trespass -- starring Nicole Kidman and Nicolas Cage.

Crazy, Stupid, Love: Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling teamed up with Emma Stone and Julianne Moore to bring a romantic comedy to theaters this past summer that was actually a smash hit. Many romantic comedies of late haven’t fared so well, but with the smartness and sassiness of Crazy, Stupid, Love, Carell and company score big-time.

Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love

Cars 2: Pixar’s follow-up to their 2006 blockbuster expands the scope by taking their Cars to all corners of the world for a brand new adventure. As is the case with any Disney-Pixar DVD and Blu-Ray, the extras abound. Some of the highlights include a fun “World Tour” map that takes viewers to nine locales, including those featured in the flick. A feature that takes audiences behind the scenes of Pixar as the magicians of that studio create Cars 2 is worth the price of the DVD and Blu-Ray alone. Movie Fanatic received the 2-disc Cars 2 Blu-Ray combo pack, which included a delightful all-new short called Air Mater as well as the Toy Story short, Hawaiian Vacation.
Cars 2 Blu-Ray

Water for Elephants: Robert Pattinson proved his acting mettle in this period romance that starred the Twilight stud as an aspiring veterinarian who finds himself working for a traveling circus during the Depression. Christoph Waltz runs the circus in Water for Elephants with an iron fist, controlling both his workers, his wife (Witherspoon) and the animals. The animal abuse scenes are difficult to watch, but the movie, its musical score, the acting and story are all incredibly top notch. Extras worth noting on this DVD and Blu-Ray include a spotlight on Robert Pattinson, a look at Reese Witherspoon and her work finding her character, how The Traveling Show went from page to screen and quite insightful audio commentary by director Francis Lawrence and screenwriter Richard LaGravenese.
Water for Elephants Blu-Ray

Trespass: The latest film from Joel Schumacher (The Client, The Phantom of the Opera) stars Nicole Kidman and Nicolas Cage as a couple who are kidnapped and held for ransom. Trespass arrived in theaters October 14 and is making a quick detour to DVD and Blu-Ray. Ben Mendelsohn and Cam Gigandet (Twilight) portray the home invaders seeking a fortune and looking to take Cage’s character for everything, perhaps even including his life.
Trespass Blu-Ray

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Cars 2 Quotes

Lightning McQueen: "How'd you like to come and see the world with me?"
Mater: "You mean it?!"

Mater: "What you got here that's free? How about that pistachio ice cream?"
Food Vendor: "No, no - wasabi."
Mater: "Oh same ole same ole. What's up with you? That looks delicious..."

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