DVD Releases: Ryan Reynolds Throws a Change-Up

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This “Tune-In Tuesday” is a light one for the DVD and Blu-Ray home video releases, with The Change-Up leading all titles. A couple of independent films accompany the Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds body-switching comedy this week on home video: The Perfect Age of Rock and Roll and Salvation Boulevard. The big home video release of the week is truly Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. That monster hit does not make its debut until Friday, November 11. Movie Fanatic's got your review in the coming days!

The Change-Up: Reynolds and Bateman channel their personas in many ways in a body switch comedy. The film is a solid home video watching experience. Bateman, always the straight man, is allowed to channel Reynolds when their bodies switch and shines in the process. While relieving themselves in a fountain, the pair simultaneously wish that they could trade lives. Voila! They awake the next day in each other’s bodies.

The Change-Up Blu-Ray

The Perfect Age of Rock and Roll: Jason Ritter breaks out of his shell in The Perfect Age of Rock and Roll. Joining him in the “what you expect from me” shattering is Taryn Manning in a film about two old friends who go on a road trip that changes their lives. And yes, with a title like that, the soundtrack rocks.
The Perfect Age of Rock and Roll DVD

Salvation Boulevard: With a cast that includes Pierce Brosnan, Ed Harris, Marisa Tomei, Grey Kinnear and Jennifer Connelly, Salvation Boulevard has serious star power. The film is about the inner workings of the members of a Middle American uber-church led by Brosnan’s Reverend Dan.
Salvation Boulevard Blu-Ray

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The Change-Up Review

Although there may be comparisons to Freaky Friday, The Change-Up frankly sits in its own league when it comes to body switching...

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