Janie Jones Exclusive Video Interview: Writer-Director David M. Rosenthal

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When writer-director David M. Rosenthal put pen to paper to write Janie Jones, a story loosely based on his own life, it was cathartic and challenging. Capturing a powerful personal moment is not easy, and that is exactly what he set out to do with his film. Rosenthal tells us about that effort, and its difficulty, and gives us insight into how a man who finds out he has a child almost two decades after its birth translates it into a powerful and moving piece of cinema with Janie Jones.

Don’t miss our exclusive interview with Janie Jones' stars Abigail Breslin and Alessandro Nivola, and tell us it’s not astounding in our interview above: The pride Rosenthal has for his 15-year-old lead in Breslin who blows open doors with her performance.

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