Steven Spielberg's War Horse Debuts Seven New Stills

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Steven Spielberg is heading back to war, this time World War I, for his latest film. War Horse is the story of a friendship between a young man, Albert, and his horse named Joey.

Steven Spielberg's War Horse

Albert has trained Joey and as World War I rears its ugly head, it becomes clear that his horse is needed on the front lines. Spielberg could not be more in his element filming War Horse, based on the Tony Award winning play.
Steven Spielberg Directs War Horse

When the horse and his master are separated, it begins an epic journey that sends Albert to continental Europe in search of his dear friend.

Jeremy Irvine portrays Albert, and through his eyes, audiences are taken through the battlefields of World War I. The film’s climactic conclusion even takes place in the famed “No Man’s Land.”
Jeremy Irvine in War Horse

Spielberg truly got his hands dirty getting into the trenches making this epic and sought to make it as real as possible.
Steven Spielberg on Set of War Horse

As most Spielberg movies are a true gift, War Horse lands appropriately on Christmas Day. The film stars Emily Watson, Tom Hiddleston, David Thewlis and Irvine.
Steven Spielberg Directs Jeremy Irvine in War Horse

War Horse began as a bestselling book and in the hands of Spielberg is getting serious Oscar buzz. It is beautifully shot and solely from the War Horse trailer, we can see that the film is a thing of beauty, even with the backdrop of war.
Jeremy Irvine and His Horse in War Horse

For those who are drawn to the play, Spielberg fans or animal lovers, there are so many reasons to look forward to War Horse.
War Horse Star Jeremy Irvine

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War Horse Quotes

Gentlemen, it is an honor to ride beside you. Make the Kaiser rue the day he crossed swords with us. Let every man do himself, his King, his country, and his fallen comrades proud. Be brave.

Major Jamie Stewart

Wherever you are, I will find you and I will bring you home.


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