The Hunger Games: Cast Poses for Vanity Fair

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Looking like a page out of a J. Crew ad, the cast of The Hunger Games posed in an interactive photo for the pages of Vanity Fair. And although The Hunger Games may share traits with a certain youth-centered series (including an epic love triangle), star Jennifer Lawrence was quick to tell the magazine there is no comparison. “Hunger Games is not Twilight. And while I hear the comparisons, it’s really premature to say that it will be the same phenomenon,” Lawrence said.

The Cast of The Hunger Games

As Movie Fanatic is eager to point out, there is little that is similar between the two series, yet the Vanity Fair photo shoot could lead audiences to believe there is something shared. Check out the pose below by the Twilight crew when they posed for Vanity Fair just a few years ago. Looks a little similar, no?
The Cast of Twilight

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