Titanic 3D: James Cameron Goes Deeper

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James Cameron has given his masterpiece Titanic a 3D upgrade as only the 3D wizard can. Cameron has painstakingly gone through, frame by frame, the second highest-grossing film of all time, and given it the 3D makeover while promising not to change a single word of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet’s classic love story set to the backdrop of one of history’s great tragedies. Paramount has released a featurette of the legendary director taking audiences deeper into the entity that is his Titanic.

Titanic 3D is arriving on screens April 6, 2012 and judging by fans’ response, they are excited to go back to the Oscar-winning film and witness it in three dimensions.

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Titanic Quotes

Jack: Rose, you're no picnic, all right? You're a spoiled little brat, even, but under that, you're the most amazingly, astounding, wonderful girl, woman that I've ever known...
Rose: Jack, I...
Jack: No, let me try and get this out. You're ama- I'm not an idiot, I know how the world works. I've got ten bucks in my pocket, I have no-nothing to offer you and I know that. I understand. But I'm too involved now. You jump, I jump remember? I can't turn away without knowing you'll be all right... That's all I want.
Rose: Well, I'm fine... I'll be fine... really.
Jack: Really? I don't think so. They've got you trapped, Rose. And you're gonna die if you don't break free. Maybe not right away because you're strong but... sooner or later that fire that I love about you, Rose... that fire's gonna burn out...
Rose: It's not up to you to save me, Jack.
Jack: You're right... only you can do that.

Rose: I don't see what all of the fuss is about. It doesn't look any bigger than the Mauritania.
Cal Hockley: You can be blasé about some things, Rose, but not about Titanic. It's over a hundred feet longer than the Mauritania and far more luxurious.