DVD Releases: Fear and Fun

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Relatively quiet on the DVD and Blu-Ray release front this last week of 2011. Three films make their way to home video including two fear fests and one bodacious comedy.

Final Destination 5: The best of the Final Destination series is its most recent. The scares are crisper and more original. The plotline smolders until its explosive conclusion. There’s even an ending that will send fans of the series over the edge with surprise. The extras only add to the thrills. Particularly awesome are the making-of features on the bridge collapse scene and the airplane crash. What Final Destination fan couldn’t use a few extra death scenes? In the DVD and Blu-Ray combo pack, you get just that, a series of alternative death scenes. It is pure gold.

Final Destination 5 Blu-Ray

Apollo 18: The story of a secret moon mission gone wrong is the premise of Apollo 18. The film failed to find an audience in theaters, but should do well on Blu-Ray and DVD. Apollo 17 was supposedly the final mission to the moon for NASA. But a secret Defense Department mission with NASA sent Apollo 18 to investigate some mysterious going-ons on the moon. What ensues is pure horror. Extras are sparse beyond the director commentary, 16 deleted scenes and alternative endings.
Apollo 18 Blu-Ray

A Good Old Fashioned Orgy: We’d watch Jason Sudeikis in anything. A Good Old Fashioned Orgy is exactly how it sounds. A group of friends decide to have the most debaucherous of weekends before taking life a little more seriously. A Good Old Fashioned Orgy also stars Leslie Bibb and Lake Bell. The extras are minimal including the as expected deleted scenes and as comedies always do: Bloopers.
A Good Old Fashioned Orgy Blu-Ray

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