Julie Benz and Elizabeth Mitchell Exclusive: Finding Answers to Nothing

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Elizabeth Mitchell of Lost and V and Julie Benz of Dexter and Desperate Housewives sat down with Movie Fanatic for an exclusive video interview to talk about their new film together, Answers to Nothing. The duo play best friends in the film and talk exclusively about how they immediately bonded on the Answers to Nothing set over portraying TV characters who perished -- Mitchell on Lost and Benz who had just been killed off shockingly on Dexter. Benz and Mitchell, it was easy to tell in our interview, have an impeccable rapport off screen that mirrors their onscreen chemistry in the film that stars Dane Cook in a rare dramatic effort.

Answers to Nothing is an LA story that features criss-crossing narratives in the vein of Crash and Grand Canyon. Cook is a psychologist who is married to Mitchell, a lawyer-advocate for the less fortunate while Benz is an LAPD detective hot on the trail of a man who is accused of abducting a missing child.

Be sure to stay with Movie Fanatic as we premiere our exclusive video interview with star Cook and our Answers to Nothing movie review on December 2.

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