New Year's Eve Cast: TV Stars Graduate to Big Screen

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With New Year’s Eve's superstar cast being comprised of a slew of TV veterans who hit it big on the big screen, we wanted to ask our readers: Who's your favorite TV star turned movie star?

Katherine Heigl and Sofia Vergara in New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve is about as loaded with superstars as any film this year (check out our New Year’s Eve review). A slew of them got their start on TV and now light up the silver screen after toiling for years on the small screen. Such as:

Hilary Swank: Hilary Swank is a two-time Oscar winner, but her early days were much more humble. She had a recurring role on the original 90210. You’ve come a long way, baby!

Josh Duhamel: Mr. Movie Leading Man got his start on the soap All My Children and continued his TV run with the hit show Las Vegas

Lea Michele: Lea Michele is currently still on her hit show, Glee, and with New Year’s Eve she is making the jump to big screen starlet.

Sofia Vergara: Like Michele, Sofia Vergara is on a current TV show hit, Modern Family. New Year’s Eve is only one of the films she’s made this year, including The Smurfs.

Katherine Heigl: After famously leaving Grey’s Anatomy, Heigl has had mixed success on screen, most notably Knocked-Up. Some also forget, she was in the show Roswell before jumping to Seattle Grace on Grey’s Anatomy.

Ashton Kutcher: First there was That '70s Show, and now Ashton Kutcher has famously taken Charlie Sheen’s place on Two and a Half Men. Like Heigl, Kutcher’s film career has been mostly hit or miss and frankly, mostly misses.

Jessica Biel: Imagine the sugary sweet Seventh Heaven without Jessica Biel. Hardly!

So, this got Movie Fanatic wondering...

Who is your favorite TV star turned movie star:

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