New Year's Eve Pops the Box Office Cork: Breaking Dawn Dethroned

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New Year’s Eve did what three weekend’s worth of movies could not: Knock off Breaking Dawn from the top spot of the box office sales chart.

Jon Bon Jovi and Lea Michele in New Year's Eve

A second movie even beat out the first half of the final chapter of the Twilight series as the Jonah Hill-starring The Sitter came in second with $10 million. Breaking Dawn is still chugging along as it came in third, adding another $7.9 million to bring its domestic total to $259.5 million.

The Muppets and Arthur Christmas continued to charm families and closed out the top five in that order. The Muppets banked $7 million as its total rose to $65.8 million. Arthur Christmas made $6.6 million for fifth place, although its domestic box office total is half of The Muppets at $33.49 million.

This weekend box office results showed a second week in a row with slow sales. Just a few weeks ago, Breaking Dawn opened to over $100 million. Meanwhile, this week’s top 10 totaled barely $66 million.

The slowing trend should reverse itself in the next weekend as the December blockbusters are upon us. Tom Cruise is back in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol on December 16 on IMAX screens while Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows also arrives on that same day. The big mystery is which of those franchises will finish first. Stay tuned!

Box office top 10:

1. New Year's Eve, $13,705,000, Total: $13,705,000
2. The Sitter, $10,000,000, Total: $10,000,000
3. Breaking Dawn, $7,900,000, Total: $259,500,000
4. The Muppets, $7,073,000, Total: $65,837,000
5. Arthur Christmas, $6,600,000, Total: $33,490,000
6. Hugo, $6,125,000, Total: $33,489,000
7. The Descendants, $4,835,000, Total: $23,635,000
8. Happy Feet Two, $3,750,000, Total: $56,850,000
9. Jack and Jill, $3,200,000, Total: $68,642,000
10. Immortals, $2,442,000, Total: $79,850,000

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