Tom Cruise's Mission: Beat Back Dragon Tattoo and Tintin

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo opened early with 7 p.m. showings on December 20 and has made $5.1 million since then, but it still can’t catch Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. It was impressive when Ghost Protocol opened on only IMAX screens last Friday and wound up in second place at the weekend box office. Look for that momentum to continue through the weekend as a few new films opened yesterday and two big ones on Friday.

Tom Cruise in Ghost Protocol

The David Fincher-directed Dragon Tattoo is still doing impressive box office (and check out our exclusive interview with Tattoo star Christopher Plummer). The film that is extremely dark, violent and has a hard “R” rating isn’t the most attractive film to pull in holiday audiences. But, then there are those 60-plus million books that have sold. That’s a very huge built-in audience as they say here in Hollywood.

Ghost Protocol is now on 3,500 screens nationwide and joining it in the wide release department besides Dragon Tattoo is the Peter Jackson-produced and Steven Spielberg-directed The Adventures of Tintin.

Since Tintin’s opening, it has disappointed. Tintin has been drawing little attention in this crowded Christmas movie season. In its first days of opening, Adventures of Tintin has banked $2.3 million. Don’t cry for Spielberg, Tintin has banked over $200 million internationally already. It doesn’t have to make a profit in the U.S.

Friday sees two films opening that could make their marks, particularly with families. We Bought a Zoo, the charming Matt Damon-starring, Cameron Crowe-directed true story is a delight (check out our review December 23) and its word of mouth has been incredible with a month of advanced screenings feeding its buzz. The second is another Spielberg-directed film, War Horse. The jury is out on that one. Will audiences turn up for a second Spielberg movie in as many weeks?

Check out our War Horse review later today and see if it’s worth your time. While you're at it, read our The Adventures of Tintin review, Ghost Protocol review and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo review.

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Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Quotes

IMF Secretary: An hour ago, a bomb blew up the Kremlin. The President has initiated 'Ghost Protocol' -- the entire IMF has been disavowed. Now I've been ordered to take you to Washington where they will hang the Kremlin bombing on you and your team - unless you were to escape after assaulting Brandt and me. But if anyone of your team is caught, they will be branded terrorists out to incite global nuclear war.
Ethan: So what happens now?
IMF Secretary: Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

With great power comes great responsibility.


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