Top 10 Rented Netflix Movies Ever: Which Is Number One?

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Netflix is probably excited to enter 2012 with its mixed 2011 behind it. The company is still the nation’s leading movie rental service and as we head into 2012, Netflix has released its top 10 list of their most rented movies since their Inception. Get it?

Top 10 Netflix Rented Movies:

10. No Country for Old Men
Javier Bardem won an Oscar. The Coen brothers crafted an instant classic and legions of movie aficionados rented our first title.

9. Iron Man
Could Robert Downey make it as a superhero? That question was more than answered with Iron Man. The 2008 flick is still as fun to watch today as it was the first time.

8. Inception
Christopher Nolan’s wild ride that is Inception starred Leonardo DiCaprio and still has people trying to figure this film out as it continues to dominate the rental charts.

7. Sherlock Holmes
Robert Downey does it again! Both Sherlock and Iron Man are in our Top 10 Robert Downey Movies and judging by the number of times Sherlock and Iron Man have been rented, a nation agrees.

6. The Departed
The Departed is our second Oscar winner for Best Picture after No Country for Old Men. Director Martin Scorsese finally got his Oscar for directing DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson in this crime classic.

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5. The Hurt Locker
Boom! Our third Oscar-winning Best Picture is the most recent. The 2009 winner of film’s top prize starts our top five countdown to the most rented movie in Netflix history.

4. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Brad Pitt went from old to young and director David Fincher had his most popular film. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is, frankly, a surprise to Movie Fanatic that it is not only on this list, but as high as number four. A terrific film, guess it’s holding up well!

3. The Bucket List
Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson popularized the phrase Bucket List and put it right into the pop culture vernacular with their film of the same name.

2. Crash
And now the fourth Oscar winner for Best Picture lands at number two and it was a shock to the world when it was announced that it had won. The heavy favorite that year was Brokeback Mountain, which is not on this list. Hmmm...

1. The Blind Side
Sandra Bullock won her Oscar for her role as Leigh Anne Tuohy in The Blind Side, a fantastic film no matter how many times you see it. The fact that it is Netflix’s top rented flick is not surprising at all.

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What films did you expect to see on this list? Comment below…

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