Transformers Mystery: Will Michael Bay be Back?

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Reports surfaced earlier today that Michael Bay has agreed to return to direct Transformers 4. Some publications even said that a deal was signed. Not so quick, cautions Bay in a statement on his website. "Right now I'm not decided on Transformers 4,” Bay said. “Studios are passing rumors but I'm not sure what I'm doing. I know I'm going to do Pain and Gain in early spring but that's it for right now. I'm leaving all my options on the table. I've got several studio meetings in the next two weeks."

Michael Bay Directs Transformers Dark of the Moon

One person who would love to make it happen is Transformers producer Steven Spielberg (don’t miss our Top 10 Steven Spielberg Movies). “I hope so,” Spielberg said of Bay returning in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. “I certainly can’t imagine anybody other than Michael being equipped to make another Transformers. He’s invented a genre, and he’s got the secret formula.”

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Ron 'Sparkplug' Witwicky: [drives past a Porsche dealer] I've got a little surprise for you, son.
Sam 'Spike' Witwicky: No, no, no, no! Dad! Oh, you've got to be kidding me!
Ron 'Sparkplug' Witwicky: Yeah, I am. You're not getting a Porsche!