Tyler Perry and Jamie Foxx Sued Over Skank Robbers

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Imagine a film with Tyler Perry’s Madea, Jamie Foxx’s Wanda from In Living Color and Martin Lawrence’s Sheneneh all in one movie. Interested? Now, what if we told you that said film featured the three men dressed as those iconic female characters with two of them robbing a bank to save the third? Now that I’ve got your attention, would it be a surprise if the film idea for Skank Robbers actually came from a man serving time for bank robbery in an Oklahoma prison?

According to the lawsuit documents, Shamont Lyle Sapp said he gave Perry (soon to be seen in Good Deeds) and Foxx the pitch and then the duo promptly cut him out of the deal. The prisoner is now suing Foxx and Perry for $1 million each.

But what makes this film idea and the entire story so fascinating is the film Skank Robbers is not what one would expect. It is not a comedy. In the mind of Sapp, the Madea character is taken hostage by a white mental patient and the threats are real. Now, how the bank robber aspect fits into the film, we’re not sure. Perhaps Wanda and Sheneneh have to rob a bank for the mental patient in order to set Madea free? Maybe that’s just our inner screenwriter coming out?!

Also named in the suit are producer David Zuckerman and Fox Broadcasting for $4 million.

Now what else is fascinating about this story is that with a little background research, one could find a little fake trailer that Foxx, Lawrence and Perry did for the 2009 BET Awards… you guessed it: It’s called Skank Robbers. That sketch aired one month prior to when Sapp said he pitched his idea. Hmm…

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