Who Are Hollywood's Most Bankable Movie Stars?

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Each year, Forbes crunches the numbers for us and provides a window for producers to get to the bottom line: Which actors give them the most bang for the buck? The answer would surprise you. For every dollar that Kristen Stewart is paid, her films take in $55.83. Yes, the star of Breaking Dawn is number one.

Kristen Stewart Premiere Pic

Right behind the Twilight ingénue is Anne Hathaway, whose return is $10 less than Stewart’s! Hathaway brings in $45.67 for every buck she’s paid.

Stewart’s Breaking Dawn co-star, Robert Pattinson, comes in third place. Each dollar he earns produces $39.43 and yes, much of these two’s bankability has to do with the enormous franchise they are with -- but the numbers do not lie.

Another franchise stalwart, Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe, pays off in droves as well. Radcliffe comes in fourth with $34.24 coming into the studio’s pockets for each dollar he is paid. Closing out the list is Shia LaBeouf. The Transformers star banks $29.40 for studios for every 100 pennies he takes home.

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