Academy Awards Trailer: In Search of Billy Crystal ...

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The trailer for the 2012 Oscars has been released, and is certainly a departure from years past.

Entitled "Off the Grid," it features Megan Fox and Josh Duhamel leading the search for a new host (after Eddie Murphy dropped out), with a little help from Robin Williams, William Fichtner and Vinnie Jones.

The fantasy-style quest to find Billy Crystal is unusual marketing for the Academy Awards, but it words. Created jointly by the Academy and Funny or Die, it will promote the February 26 show nationwide:

Academy Awards Chief Marketing Officer Christina Kounelias told The Hollywood Reporter: "We wanted to try something a little bit different this year instead of a traditional, clip-based piece."

"The trailer has a fun twist that conveys how excited everyone is to have Billy back."

Funny or Die's president of production Mike Farah shared a similar sentiment:

"Our team had a great time working with the Academy and joining forces with Billy again. We think the trailer really speaks to the excitement around this year's Oscars, and Funny or Die was honored to be a part of it."

What did you think of the Oscars trailer? Hit or miss?

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