Act of Valor Trailer: Real Navy SEALs in Action

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Act of Valor is a never-seen-before film in that it combines real life action heroes and an original narrative. Real Navy SEALs star in the film that shows how these "of this earth" superheroes do their thing across the globe to ensure our freedoms. The film’s trailer has been released and gives us an insight into what to expect from this highly original movie.

Act of Valor takes us on a journey that has never been seen on film before. The highly trained operatives were given permission by the Pentagon to participate in the film that is based on true events. The plot follows a team as they rescue a CIA operative and discover a plot of terrorism against the U.S.

Look for Act of Valor in theaters February 24.

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Act of Valor Quotes

You don't expect your family to understand what you're doing. You just hope they'll accept it. And when you get home, you hope you can pick up right where you left off.

Navy Seal #1

There's a brotherhood between us. And if you're not willing to give up everything, you've already lost.

Navy Seal #2

Act of Valor Review

Using real-life anybodies in film has had a so-so record in Hollywood history, so how does Act of Valor fare? For one, any previous...

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