Casa de mi Padre Trailer: Will Ferrell Still Funny in Spanish

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Will Ferrell is doing his first all Spanish language film and from the looks of the first trailer (below), he is as funny in another language as he is in his native tongue. Casa de mi Padre is the story of Ferrell’s son of a rancher who becomes a vigilante when his father’s farm is threatened.

The above is the first full-length trailer for Ferrell’s latest film after a mini-teaser of Casa de mi Padre premiered previously.

As can be seen in the full-length trailer, the film is off-the-hook silly, and we wouldn’t expect anything less from a solid Ferrell comedy.

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Casa de mi Padre Quotes

DEA Agent Parker: Do. You. Speak American?
Armando Alvarez: No sir. I don't speak American.

You're just like your mother, a big heart but simple. You cannot help me, I need someone smart, and if you were smart you would know that you are dumb.

Miguel Ernesto

Casa de mi Padre Review

Will Ferrell has proven he brings the funny in the most unexpected places. Who would have thought that a laugher about a race car driver...

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