Chronicle Trailer: Superpowers and Pranks

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Chronicle is unlike any film you have seen before. We saw the flick last night and although we cannot say too much, this is a movie that we will look back on years later and talk about the birth of a powerful filmmaker in Josh Trank. The film has released its third TV teaser trailer and it captures the joy of teens that discover they have superpowers. Now, knowing teens, don’t you think the following is what they would do with new powers, instead of saving the universe? Us too!

Chronicle arrives February 3. 

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Chronicle Quotes

Hey Matt, What did Jung say about glow sticks?

Andrew Detmer

Yes, it was the black guy this time...

Steve Montgomery

Chronicle Review

When Hollywood recently began delving into second tier superheroes from the comic book world, Movie Fanatic wondered why someone didn’t...

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