Devil Inside Quotes: Am I Going to Flip Out One Day?

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The Devil Inside shocked Hollywood and set a record with its box office victory last weekend. The found footage exorcism movie stars a cast of unknowns and tells the tale of Isabella Rossi, who is determined to rid her mother, Maria Rossi, of the demons that live inside her.

Maria Rossi in The Devil Inside

Besides causing serious shock and awe, the film produced its fair share of spooky lines. So sit back and enjoy the best of our Devil Inside quotes.

Maria Rossi: Three… three people are dead. I… killed… them. | permalink

Isabella Rossi: My mother committed these murders during an exorcism. | permalink

Father David: This is not consistent with any demonic possession that I’ve ever seen. | permalink

Isabella Rossi: You start wondering, is it in my genes? Am I going to flip out one day? | permalink

Isabella Rossi: Maria, I am your daughter. | permalink

Exorcism patient: Isabella…
Isabella Rossi: She said my name. How does she know my name?! | permalink

Father David: If you really want to help your mother, you need a better understanding of exorcism. | permalink

Father Ben: There are four voices on the recording.
Isabella Rossi: What does that mean?
Father Ben: Multiple demonic possessions. | permalink

Maria Rossi: The itsy bitsy spider came down the water spout… | permalink

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The Devil Inside Quotes

Three... three people are dead. I... killed... them.

Maria Rossi

My mother committed these murders during an exorcism.

Isabella Rossi

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