Man on a Ledge Trailer with Elizabeth Banks Commentary Track

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Summit Entertainment has taken one of the joys of the DVD and Blu-Ray experience and brought it to a trailer for one of their theatrical releases. Elizabeth Banks stars in Man on a Ledge and provides a vocal and video commentary to the film’s latest trailer.

The film stars Sam Worthington (check out our interview) as a former cop who was sent to jail for a crime he did not commit. He breaks out of prison, only to find his way to a Manhattan hotel. Worthington’s character then heads out on the ledge of the building, dozens of stories above the city’s streets, all in an effort to clear his name.

Man on a Ledge also stars Jamie Bell (don’t miss our exclusive Q&A), Ed Harris and Ed Burns and arrives in theaters January 27.

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Man on a Ledge Quotes

Today's the day that everything changes -- one way or another.

Nick Cassidy

How far would you go to take down a man who stole everything from you?

Joey Cassidy

Man on a Ledge Review

Man on a Ledge asks a lot of its audience. The payoff is one smart thriller. Sam Worthington stars as a cop who is wrongly sent to jail...

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