Project X Trailer: Found Footage for Party People

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At the end of 2011, we ran a quick teaser for a unique concept in the found footage genre of film -- Project X. The Hangover creator Todd Phillips took his party comedy mentality and merged it with the faux documentary sub-genre and has given us a film about a group of teens on one legendary night through the eyes of someone filming it. Now, we have the full trailer delving deeper into this unique film idea.

But, Project X has a twist. The raging party goes quite well… at first. Check out the flick on March 2 to see how badly it goes wrong.

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Project X Quotes

Costa: We'll have a whole day to fix this place up like new.
Thomas: What about this? (points to the camera) What if my parents see it?
Costa: Nobody's going to see this but us, I promise.
Jimmy Kimmel (on his show): So you know, this high school party in Pasadena -- have you seen the footage?

I'm Thomas Cub. It's my birthday today.


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