Sam Worthington is the Man on a Ledge: Extended Preview

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Man on a Ledge is the thriller that Movie Fanatic has called “wildly original” in the film's latest TV ads and features Sam Worthington as an innocent man who has been pushed too far. Nick Cassidy (Worthington) was falsely accused of a crime and has come back with a vengeance to not only seek justice for himself, but also put those responsible for his predicament behind bars. Summit Entertainment has just released a new extended trailer giving audiences even more to chew on as the film is set to premiere January 27.

Man on a Ledge features an all-star cast including Elizabeth Banks, Ed Burns, Anthony Mackie, Jamie Bell, Kyra Sedgwick and Ed Harris.

Sam Worthington in Man on a Ledge

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Man on a Ledge Quotes

Today's the day that everything changes -- one way or another.

Nick Cassidy

How far would you go to take down a man who stole everything from you?

Joey Cassidy

Man on a Ledge Review

Man on a Ledge asks a lot of its audience. The payoff is one smart thriller. Sam Worthington stars as a cop who is wrongly sent to jail...

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