The Divide Exclusive: Michael Biehn Talks Apocalypse

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The Divide star Michael Biehn is no stranger to portraying men grappling with the onset of the apocalypse. Biehn became a star after his role as John Connor’s father, Kyle Reese, in The Terminator. In The Divide, the actor portrays the super of a building in New York City who holds all the cards when the city is attacked by an avalanche of nuclear weapons. The entire cast must huddle in his building’s basement, a makeshift fallout shelter where the best and worst of human behavior come out in the span of the film. Biehn takes us inside The Divide shoot and exclusively tells us that the tension onscreen mirrored what was experienced on the set.

The Divide lands in theaters January 13 and features a star in Biehn that is no stranger to science fiction mayhem. He famously played a huge part in James Cameron’s Aliens as well as the director’s The Abyss and has had a stellar career in film including star turns in Tombstone, The Rock, Grindhouse and Take Me Home Tonight.

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