The Grey Clips: Liam Neeson Tries to Survive

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Liam Neeson is back in action in The Grey after his turns in Taken, Unknown and The A-Team. The Grey follows Neeson and his fellow oilmen (including Dermot Mulroney) as they survive a plane crash in the Alaskan wilderness. The team was heading home after their stint at the Alaskan oil refinery when bad weather forced their plane to the ground. Two new clips have debuted from The Grey, and the first shows what happens in the moments after the plane crashes: We Need a Fire!

Once they deem that no one will find them where the plane crashed, Neeson leads the team away from the crash site when they quickly learn that they are in the middle of grey wolf territory. Mulroney asks, what is that? As something blurry that is running towards them comes into focus, the wolves have them running for their lives.

Stay with Movie Fanatic as we bring you our exclusive video interview with Neeson and his The Grey cast!

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There's not a second goes by when I'm not thinking of you.


Fate didn't give a (expletive). Dead is dead.


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Liam Neeson owns The Grey. He commands every frame in the story of a group of Alaskan oil drillers whose plane crashes on their way home...

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