Weekend Movie Preview: January 27, 2012

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Liam Neeson battles wolves, Sam Worthington is fighting for his innocence and Katherine Heigl is waging war on those who skip out on bail this week at the movies. Three new films arrive on screens and each has their own merit. The Grey, One for the Money and Man on a Ledge arrive to combat for your movie-going dollar. Who will win?

The Grey: Neeson is an oil rig worker on the outskirts of Alaska’s borders with the Arctic Circle. He’s suffered a loss in his life and feels he has not too much to live for. When he and a dozen of his co-workers board a plane to head home to Anchorage, the jet’s crash will turn him into a driven leader, determined to survive. Surviving a plane crash is enough, yes? Not when there’s a pack of hungry wolves whose entire purpose seems to be to kill every man… one by one. Check out our The Grey review for more.

Man on a Ledge: Worthington is joined in a superstar cast that includes Ed Harris, Ed Burns, Elizabeth Banks and Jamie Bell in a thriller about how far a falsely accused man will go to secure his innocence. Worthington rocks in the role and the film will keep you guessing around every turn. This is not simply a story about a Man on a Ledge with a death wish. There is much beyond the scenes that filmmakers slowly dole out in an elongated burn. Movie Fanatic’s Man on a Ledge review delves deeper into the mystery.

One for the Money: Heigl is Stephanie Plum, the literary figure beloved by millions of Janet Evanovich fans. Plum gets her first spotlight on the screen with One for the Money. Heigl plays a woman who needs a job desperately and takes one offered by her cousin as a bounty hunter for his bail bond business. Her first charge is to bring back a man who skipped out on bail after being charged with murder. The fact that this guy is the same man who wronged her in high school, makes her mission all the sweeter. In our One for the Money review, Movie Fanatic explores how difficult it is to please fans of a book series. Does One for the Money do it well?

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Today's the day that everything changes -- one way or another.

Nick Cassidy

How far would you go to take down a man who stole everything from you?

Joey Cassidy

Man on a Ledge Review

Man on a Ledge asks a lot of its audience. The payoff is one smart thriller. Sam Worthington stars as a cop who is wrongly sent to jail...

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