Chronicle Quotes: I'm Stronger Than Both of You

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Chronicle, the unique found-footage, superhero origins story, shocked the world by topping this past weekend’s box office. The film follows three teens who awake one day to discover they have telekinesis. The newly discovered superpowers will at first be a source of great prank-driven fun for the three teens. Then, when Andrew Detmer (Dane DeHaan) begins to use the powers for his own needs, things get ugly.

Dane DeHaan, Michael B. Jordan and Alex Russell in Chronicle

His two friends, Michael B. Jordan’s Steve Montgomery and Alex Russell’s Matt Garetty have to do their best to contain their friend’s wicked ways. The film is chock full of excitement and is at its best with a slew of great Chronicle quotes.

Steve Montgomery: Yes, it was the black guy this time... | permalink

Andrew Detmer: Hey Matt, what did Jung say about glow sticks? | permalink

Steve Montgomery: Telekinesis: The ability to move, lift, vibrate, spin, bend, break or impact objects through the direct influence of mental power or other non-physical means.
Andrew Detmer: Sound familiar?
Matt Garetty: Does sound familiar. You want to see direct influence? | permalink

Matt Garetty: Listen to me: We can't screw around with this -- it's too dangerous! Andrew, it's not a game! | permalink

Andrew Detmer: There's nothing stopping us. | permalink

Matt Garetty: It's like a muscle... we're getting stronger. | permalink

Andrew Detmer: I'm stronger than both of you! | permalink

Matt Garetty: Was it an accident Andrew? Andrew?! | permalink

Andrew Detmer: I am an Apex Predator. Does the lion feel bad killing the gazelle? Do people feel remorse when they kill a fly? | permalink

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Chronicle Quotes

Hey Matt, What did Jung say about glow sticks?

Andrew Detmer

Yes, it was the black guy this time...

Steve Montgomery

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