DVD Previews: Oscar-winner Hugo Comes Home

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By far the biggest arrival on DVD and Blu-Ray this week is the Martin Scorsese-directed Hugo. The film tied Best Picture winner The Artist for the most Oscars won (five) this past Sunday. Also out on home video is Johnny English Reborn and Beneath the Darkness. We explore further…

Hugo: One of Scorsese’s best films arrives for the home video audience who may have missed it in 3D on the big screen. You don’t suffer too much watching it on the smaller screen as the story is so powerful, its sweeping-away power is still just as resonant. Hugo is the story of a young boy, who is an orphan living in the Paris train station in the 1930s. The only thing left from his father is a “robot” that may hold the key to several characters that Scorsese weaves throughout the film. The Blu-Ray combo pack, which Movie Fanatic received, is chock full of extras. Highlights include Shoot the Moon: The Making of Hugo, and Sacha Baron Cohen: Role of a Lifetime where the comic actor extols the virtues of working with Scorsese. For film buffs, the astounding documentary The Cinemagician, Georges Melies takes audiences behind the early film innovator.

Johnny English Reborn: Rowan Atkinson returns to the role of Johnny English and this time out he is even funnier than the first. In Johnny English Reborn, the super agent with the clumsiest of demeanors returns to the British spy agency MI-7 to take down an international ring of assassins. If you are a fan of Atkinson’s work, this film is for you. If not, maybe not so much.

Beneath the Darkness: Dennis Quaid and Prom’s Aimee Teegarden star in this psychological thriller about a group of high school students convinced that Quaid’s character is a serial killer. The townsfolk ignore the teens’ pleas and they take it upon themselves to prove the man is guilty of heinous crimes.

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