Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance Clip: Want to Have Some Fun?

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We think Nicolas Cage is at his best lately when he has a blast and throws caution to the wind in his portrayals. A perfect example is his character in the Ghost Rider series and evidence of that fact is on full display in a new, albeit short, clip from Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

Fresh from the debut of the film’s Super Bowl trailer, a new TV spot has arrived with Cage’s character asking his young friend, “You want to have some fun?” And that is exactly what his latest flick looks like: A whole lot of fun.

Cage has taken some hits from his acting friends, such as Sean Penn, who have criticized his choices after winning an Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas. They have a point, but one has to just sit back and enjoy the bliss that Cage is emitting on screen at times. Through all of the Ghost Rider sequel’s spots, that self-deprecating humor is front and center and for that, we salute you Nic Cage!

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