I Am Legend Sequel on its Way

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Big news Will Smith fans, the actor is heading back to the I Am Legend world for a sequel. The 2007 film earned over a half billion dollars and immediately set off talks for a sequel.

Well, specifically it was talked about as a prequel finding Smith battling the creatures that caused the Earth’s population to vanish… minus Smith’s Robert Neville who infamously survived. Overbook Entertainment, the actor’s production company, has announced plans that he will return to the role, but not in the prequel as discussed. We’re getting a sequel.

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Warner Bros., Overbrook and Akiva Goldsman have concluded a deal to get the sequel moving. Since most who saw the first film know how it ends, you may be a bit baffled to see how we could get a sequel with Smith given what happened to his character. But, stranger things have happened in Hollywood and given how good I Am Legend was, we look forward to whatever incarnation the new film takes.

Next up for Smith… Men in Black 3 (check out the Men in Black 3 trailer!).

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I Am Legend Quotes

I can help. I can fix this. Let me save you. I can save you; I can save everybody.


Neville: [to a pretty mannequin in the video store] I... I promised a friend I would say hello to you today.
[begins to cry]
Neville: Please say hello to me.
Neville: Please say hello to me.