Men in Black 3 Photos: Back in Black

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Men in Black 3 brings Will Smith’s Agent J and Tommy Lee Jones' Agent K back and promises secrets to the universe not yet revealed in the series’ first two films. The Barry Sonnenfeld-directed movies have already opened our eyes to a galaxy full of surprises and now that the gang is back, expect more eye-popping truths to be unearthed. Sony Pictures has two new photos from the third film, the first being Will Smith in some sort of contraption that, knowing the franchise, will have some seriously mind-blowing explanation as to its use.

Will Smith in Men in Black 3

Jones and Smith return on May 25, but they are also joined in the cast by Josh Brolin (in the background of the above photo!), who plays Jones as a younger man. Why Smith has to go back in time, we’ll have to see when Men in Black 3 lands in theaters this summer.
Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith Star in Men in Black 3

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