Weekend Movie Preview: February 24, 2012

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A great weekend for going to the movies should be had by all. As the Oscars are ready to be handed out on Sunday, Hollywood isn’t skipping the movie-going goodness. We’ve got an action movie unlike any you’ve ever seen, Tyler Perry at his best, Amanda Seyfried is getting Gone and Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd find the funny in Wanderlust.

Act of Valor: Real Navy SEALs show today’s action stars how it’s done in Act of Valor. The film showcases some of the most incredible battle action sequences ever filmed and it’s easy to see the filmmakers had help from their “stars” in keeping it real. An international terrorist is wreaking havoc and the SEAL team at the center of the film has to swing into action, crossing the globe to bring him down. Check out our Act of Valor review for more insight into this highly original flick.

Good Deeds: Tyler Perry puts together another astounding ensemble in Good Deeds. Not only does he serve as the film’s writer, director, producer and star, but he cast greatness in the form of Gabrielle Union, Thandie Newton, Eddie Cibrian and Rebecca Romijn. The film is his best work to date as we state in our Good Deeds review.

Gone: Amanda Seyfried is the only woman to survive a kidnapping of a serial killer that no one believes exists. When she comes home one night from work and her sister is missing, she knows that the killer has struck again. Since there was no proof of her own abduction, Seyfried’s Jill must find her sister before time runs out. The thriller works for the most part, as Movie Fanatic reports in our Gone review.

Wanderlust: Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston pull out all the funny stops in this comedy that finds a New York City couple looking to rid themselves of the stressors of life in the 21st century. When they embark on a road trip, they find a room at a commune when they need to stop for the night. Malin Akerman and Justin Theroux co-star in the comedy that Movie Fanatic will be reviewing later today.

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Wanderlust Quotes

You like my erection selection?

George (to the mirror)

Eva: I know New York is a great city, but I do not miss that lifestyle at all. I mean it was just stress, and Blackberries, and sleeping pills. I used to drink a triple latte every morning just to wake up.
Linda: Well, I see your point, but I kind of value the sleeping pill and the Blackberry and the latte.
Seth: You know you can really get trapped in that web of beepers and Zenith televisions and Walkmens and Discmans and floppy discs and zip drives, laser discs, answering machines and Nintendo Power Glove...
Linda: Wow, you know so much about technology.

Wanderlust Review

Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd have great screen chemistry, as we first saw in The Object of My Affection. You can imagine our delight...

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