Cabin in the Woods Clip: Truth or Dare to be Scared

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The horror film that everyone is talking about arrives April 13, The Cabin in the Woods. The film stars Chris Hemsworth and has been causing quite a buzz since it debuted at South by Southwest earlier this month. A group of friends head up to a… well, cabin in the woods and all hell breaks loose. But, this is not your usual haunted house story. There is something far more sinister at work here. Lionsgate has given us a clip from the film featuring the gang beginning a little game of Truth or Dare.

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The Cabin in the Woods Quotes

He's got a husband bulge.


Ok, I'm drawing a line in the (expletive) sand. Do not read the Latin!


The Cabin in the Woods Review

The Cabin in the Woods is as inventive of a film as we’ve seen in years. Director Drew Goddard and his co-writer Joss Whedon -- whose The...

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