Dark Tower Films: It Could Still Happen!

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We all thought it was over when Universal passed on Ron Howard’s epic plans for bringing Stephen King’s The Dark Tower to the screen, calling it too risky. Now word has emerged out of Warner Bros. that they are in discussions to bring the project to the studio that took on and succeeded in bringing Harry Potter to life.

The Dark Tower Cover

Howard apparently had imagined the seven novels (with an eighth on the way) as three films and a two-season TV show. We can see Universal’s concern at making that kind of commitment to a series, particularly one that is so violent and dark. Now, Warner Bros. tackled the Potter series and made it into eight films and even a theme park. But, Dark Tower is much darker than Potter and, therefore, may be a harder sell. But, if there is a studio in Hollywood that could make Howard’s dreams come true, it is Warner Bros.

The filmmaker even has a lead in mind, as he has stated that Javier Bardem would be perfect for the role of Roland the Gunslinger, a man who wanders the apocalyptic world looking for the titular tower.

Fans of the novel… do you think King’s vision is one that can be brought to the screen?

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