John Carter: Watch 10 Minutes of Movie!

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Disney’s John Carter lands in theaters March 9 and to further get audiences ramped up for the first true page-to-screen effort of author Edgar Rice Burroughs’ reluctant hero, the studio has released ten minutes of the film.

The film arrives in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D and stars Taylor Kitsch as the titular hero, Lynn Collins as a Martian princess, Mark Strong does devilish evil so well and Willem Dafoe portrays the leader of a Martian species who befriends Carter when he mysteriously lands on Mars from his native Civil War-era U.S.

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John Carter Quotes

We do not cause the destruction of a world, Captain Carter. We simply manage it. Feed off it, if you like.

Matai Shang

Kantos Kan: I hear that you are incredibly dangerous... take me hostage.
John Carter: What?
Kantos Kan: Take me hostage...
John Carter: Are you alright?

John Carter Review

The glory of John Carter is how the film manages to be a blockbuster and a story that feels equally Shakespearean in its ability to...

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