Looper Exclusive: The Magic of Time Travel with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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Fresh off the arrival of the first images of Joseph Gordon-Levitt (soon to be seen in The Dark Knight Rises) in the time travel thriller Looper below, Movie Fanatic caught up exclusively with the film’s star and the director, Rian Johnson. This is just the tip of the Wonder Con coverage we have for you! We start with what we believe is the most original of movie ideas in Looper. The duo talk about what it is about time travel that has us so fascinated as well as what each appreciated most about working with the other.

The film follows Levitt as Joe. It’s the future and time travel is invented, yet it is illegal. Although like anything in demand, it is being sold on the black market. The mob is one of the most prolific users of the power as they send hit men (a Looper) back in time to take care of those who are causing them issues. Things come to a head when the mob sends back Joe’s future self (Bruce Willis) to assassinate Levitt in the past.

The movie sports a stellar supporting cast including Emily Blunt, Paul Dano and Jeff Daniels. Look for Looper on September 28.

First two images of Levitt in Looper:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Looper
Looper Star Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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