Man of Steel: Michael Shannon's Journey to Zod

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Movie Fanatic caught up with Michael Shannon at the Toronto Film Festival in September where he was just beginning work as the villain Zod in the upcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel. He seemed excited and nervous at the same time about tackling the role made famous by Terence Stamp in the 1981 movie Superman 2. Now that he has been filming the movie for a few months, he is talking about the experience. “I find it pretty intimidating, honestly,” he said about stepping into Stamp’s shoes. “I think he pretty much nailed it. My girlfriend had it on. She was watching out of curiosity. And I saw it and said, 'You’ve got to turn it off! I can’t watch that! I’m not worthy!'"

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It seems that the actor chose not to re-watch the original version and upon seeing bits of it, it only reaffirmed his feelings. From his description of the suit he wears in Man of Steel, it sounds like the entire Superman experience for the actor is one of uncertainty, yet one he hopes to grow from. “It’s kind of embarrassing. It’s nothing I would wear under normal circumstances,” Shannon said. “It had to happen eventually, right? Either that or fade into obscurity. It’s good to do something like this. It’s good to take on that kind of responsibility, be a grown-up, be able to feel that pressure and be OK with it. And, let’s face it, it’s not neuroscience.”

OK, sounds like the Oscar nominee has come to terms with his role in the Superman universe and knowing the mad skills he has shown in films such as Machine Gun Preacher and the recent Take Shelter, we cannot wait to see what he does with Zod.

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