Marley Clip: Inside the Icon

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One of the best documentaries Movie Fanatic has seen in some time, Marley, follows the life of the reggae music icon. Bob Marley transcended music and became a cultural figure beyond his catalog of greatest hits. The film is in large part a biopic, but it also takes the Marley story and puts it in context to show how the man became the legend. We’re proud to feature a clip from the film to give our readers a little taste of what they can expect from the Marley experience.

The film is from Academy Award winning director Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland) and the filmmaker knows his subject matter and scores interviews with Marley’s friends and family that add layers to the legend unlike we’ve ever seen or heard. There’s plenty of concert footage, but what makes it most priceless is the quiet archival interviews with the reggae king that permeate the film.

Look for Marley to premiere on Video on Demand on April 20.

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