Musical Chairs Exclusive Clip: Dance with Me!

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Movie Fanatic and Paladin are proud to bring you an exclusive clip from the wildly charming film Musical Chairs. The story is set to the beat of the competitive ballroom dancing world and is about Armando, a dance studio handyman and Bronx native, who dreams of dancing glory. Meanwhile, Mia, an Upper East Side girl who’s always had it all, is the one who gets the spotlight at the studio where Armando works. When tragedy strikes and Mia winds up without the use of her legs, Armando takes her and other wheelchair-bound dancers and introduces them to the world of competitive wheelchair ballroom dancing. Our exclusive clip shows the gang in their first rehearsals, all to the incredibly appropriate song stylings of Deborah Morgan’s Dance with Me.

Look for Musical Chairs out now in limited release, and opening this Friday in Los Angeles and Chicago. The film is from director Susan Seidelman (Desperately Seeking Susan, Boynton Beach Club)... and stay with Movie Fanatic for our exclusive interview with the filmmaker March 30!

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