The Bodyguard: Blu-Ray Review

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The Bodyguard is landing on Blu-Ray for the very first time and its timing is especially heartfelt given the recent loss of the film’s star, Whitney Houston. The film, co-starring Kevin Costner, was by far the singer’s biggest hit as an actress and also gave her her biggest smash as a pop music artist with I Will Always Love You.

The Bodyguard Blu-Ray

Watching the film for the first time in over a decade, it’s hard not to be somber given its star’s death, yet it's uplifting in the sense that the film showcases a talent at the height of her fame and ability. Watching the Blu-Ray gives us a serious look at Houston’s gifts, not only as a singer who was one of the world’s best, but as a budding actress who commanded the screen with each passing frame.

It’s The Bodyguard's 20th anniversary and that would be reason alone to revisit the film. But, with the loss of Houston the arrival on Blu-Ray is even timelier. The hi-def home video premiere features a documentary called Memories of The Bodyguard, which takes audiences inside the making of the film. There is also the powerful video for I Will Always Love You.

Check out a scene from the Blu-Ray where Costner does his best to save Houston:

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